How is Oxygen Infusion Therapy Beneficial for Your Health?

Are you aware of how pollution can affect your skin? In today’s world, we are bombarded by mass amounts of pollution on a daily basis, whether we like it or not. Not only has pollution proved to be harmful to our health but our skin too. If you suffer from dull and faded skin then it may be due to exposure to pollution but thankfully, with ongoing innovations in the cosmetic industry, dermatologists have found a way to rejuvenate your skin using an essential element; oxygen.

Oxygen infusion therapy is a specialized non-invasive treatment that delivers high-pressurized oxygen directly to the skin through the use of a compression device. Dermatologists use oxygen as it helps us to keep our skin free of toxins. With age and increased exposure to pollution, our levels of oxygen tend to decline. This contributes to dehydrated skin, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles as well as laxity.

The oxygen facial offers a number of benefits that will leave your skin looking and feeling hydrated, fresh and rejuvenated.

What is Oxygen Infusion Therapy?

Oxygen infusion therapy is a breakthrough treatment that cleanses and exfoliates your skin without the use of harsh chemicals or injectables. Instead, moisturizing serums that contain hyaluronic acid are applied to your skin right after high-pressure air is applied to your face and neck to remove any existing dirt and dead skin cells from the area. This helps to detox the skin, improve blood circulation and stimulate the production of collagen to make way for fresher and more youthful-looking skin.

The non-invasive treatment is quick and easy with minimal downtime which means that you can expect to be in and out of our clinic within the hour to resume your normal daily activities and even apply makeup if you choose to.

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Benefits of Oxygen Infusion Therapy

An oxygen infusion therapy treatment may be used on anyone, of any age, who may have skin concerns. It also works extremely well on those who have healthy skin. Although the treatment has not technically been scientifically proven, a high number of our patients have reported success and satisfaction in their skin’s health from an oxygen facial procedure. Some of the benefits our patients have described include:

A Significant Reduction of Acne

Acne can be an ongoing issue in both adults and teenagers who are left to suffer with large and clogged pores filled with blackheads, pimples and oil. Oxygen infusion therapy kills off any bacteria in the skin including propionibacterium which can cause certain types of acne. With this procedure, we can target the dirt, oil and dead skin cells that are found both on the surface and depths of the skin to unclog these pores. Once we cleanse your skin and approach the problem, the natural procedure of pore shrinkage along with an accelerated healing process will help to eliminate acne.

Hydrated Skin

The treatment helps to give your skin cells a boost of oxygen which allows the hydrating serums to deeply penetrate your skin and provide moisture. With an oxygen infusion therapy procedure, you can restore the pH balance of your face and neck through the moisturizing properties of both the serums and concentrated oxygen. The oxygen used helps to encourage the infusion of the moisturizing serums included in the treatment will leave you looking hydrated, especially when hyaluronic acid has been added. You will immediately feel the difference by the end of your treatment!

Youthful Skin

Oxygen infusion therapy is an easy way to regain your youthful appearance. Through the use of high-pressure oxygen along with moisturizing serums, there will be a great improvement in the blood circulation of your face. This leaves your skin looking plumper as it enhances the production of collagen and elasticity in your face to diminish the appearance of any fine lines and wrinkles by acting as firming and tightening components.

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Even Skin Tone and Glowing Skin

Oxygen facials can help to improve the tone of your skin and texture by delivering vitamins and botanical extracts directly to your skin. These antioxidants and hydrating agents that are combined with oxygen helps to remove the impurities of your skin and any dead skin cells to leave your complexion brighter and more radiant. The treatment can be used to reduce the visibility of blemishes, sun spots and even acne scars while helping to protect your skin from damage in the future.

There is no greater feeling than having glowing, youthful skin that radiates and leaves you feeling confident in your health. Our oxygen infusion therapy brings back your glow and immediately addresses any skin concerns you may have including aging or acne-prone issues. If you are ready to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin, talk to us today to find out why an oxygen infusion treatment may be best for you!

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