3D Skin Analysis: What Are Your Skin Conditions?

Taking care of your skin is undoubtedly important, but it can seem complicated and overwhelming at times! You want to prevent acne and aging while supporting hydration and keeping it clean – but you don’t want to dry it out, either. In addition to skincare products, there are a plethora of treatments out there, as well. Choosing one can be tricky when you aren’t even sure exactly what you want to achieve.

This is where 3D skin analysis comes in. This is an innovative device that offers advanced skin diagnostics, both on the surface and in deeper layers. The results offer insight into what you’re dealing with currently, what you should watch out for, and what may need immediate treatment. Read on to learn more about 3D skin analysis in Toronto and see if it’s right for you!

How 3D Skin Analysis Works

Getting this advanced skin condition assessment is a simple process. Once you’re seated and ready to go, all you must do is sit still while the device does its job. It uses cross-polarized and UV lighting to capture a record of both the surface and subsurface layers of your skin.

Once complete, you’ll get your results immediately. Your full skin condition assessment includes:

  • Skin texture analysis – raised and depressed areas that can cause rough and bumpy skin
  • Skin pigmentation evaluation
  • Pore size detection
  • Brown spots – discoloration either on or beneath the surface of your skin
  • Red areas – concentrated areas of red can indicate conditions such as spider veins or inflammation
  • Winkles – often a sign of aging skin and decreased elasticity
  • UV spots – too much absorption of UV light can result in sunspots
  • Porphyrins – bacterial excretions that become stuck in your pores
  • The assessment will also tell you your skin’s true age

Why 3D Skin Analysis?

These advanced skin diagnostics are impressive and thorough, but why is it necessary? While it’s true that some issues, such as surface discoloration, acne, and wrinkles are visible to the naked eye, many things aren’t.

By identifying deeper issues, you can properly treat them and prevent them from becoming worse. This thorough skin condition assessment also helps you determine the type of treatments and skincare products to use.

For example, we offer a wide variety of skin treatments, such as:

All of these treatments target specific issues and benefit your skin in certain ways. Many overlap and work well together, but you still don’t want to waste time and money on a treatment your skin doesn’t need. Our experienced and knowledgeable skincare professionals can read your 3D analysis results and make relevant skin treatment recommendations.

In addition, these advanced skin diagnostics can help you decide which skincare products to use. There are thousands of products on the market, all with different ingredients and different purposes. Some target dry skin, some prevent acne, while others control oil, etc.

It’s important to buy healthy and high-quality skincare products, but getting the wrong ones is a big waste of money. By knowing exactly what’s going on with your skin, you can purchase products that are made to benefit your skin and its specific needs. By being informed, your chosen treatments and products will be more effective.

3D Skin Analysis Before and After

In addition to identifying your skin conditions and creating a treatment plan, 3D skin analysis can help you track the effectiveness of your plan. By getting an analysis done periodically, you can see how beneficial your chosen treatments and products are.

The results of a follow-up analysis will tell you what has changed, gotten better, stayed the same, or even if anything has gotten worse. Using this information, you can plan for additional treatments and tweak your skincare routine accordingly.

For example, if you were using an ultra-hydrating moisturizer due to redness and dryness, a follow-up 3D skin analysis will tell you if it’s helping. If your skin is no longer struggling with these things, you can switch to a more balanced product to keep up with your skin’s needs.

Alternatively, if you see that your wrinkles and discoloration are progressing faster than you’d like, you can implement some additional anti-aging products and practices.

3d skin analysis before and after

How to Prepare for 3D Skin Analysis

Because the results and information from a 3D skin analysis are so thorough and useful, you want them to be as clear and telling as possible. This is why you should go to your analysis properly prepared:

  • Cleanse your skin a few hours before the appointment, using a healthy and gentle cleanser.
  • Once finished with your skincare routine, don’t apply anything for at least one or two hours before the analysis. This allows everything to return to its natural state – oil, pores, bacteria, etc. This gives you the most accurate reading possible.

Lastly, you should go in with an open mind. You may see things you weren’t aware of, but it’s always better to know sooner rather than later. Our skincare professionals will be there to answer any questions and address any concerns you have regarding your results.

Choose 3D Skin Analysis Today

Many skincare professionals and experts can provide a manual analysis of your skin – where they detect issues just by looking and examining. This is no doubt helpful, but there will be things they can’t detect simply with their eyes.

A 3D skin analysis is the most comprehensive skin health assessment in Toronto and it tells you everything you need to know. From surface-level issues to problems brewing underneath – you know what you’re up against. With this information, you can tackle your issues head-on and with the most effective treatments and products.

Contact us today with your questions and to book an appointment for a 3D skin analysis.

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